16 LinkedIn Tips for 2016

With over 300 million users, LinkedIn is the professional networking website you need to join. Social media marketing is vital for professional advancement. Whether you are considering building a profile or need to update your current one, use these tips to improve your page and promote your business or yourself in the new year.


  1. Understand the Site

LinkedIn is not a standard social media platform. Although you can upload photos and content and connect with friends, it is primarily a professional tool to network with other industry leaders. Your profile is representing you professionally, giving you an online presence that could create opportunities for advancement, from jobs to conference invitations.


  1. Keep Your Page Professional

For starters, upload a professional photograph, preferably a headshot against a neutral background. Not having one can stop some profile views while uploading a silly or casual photo might give an employer or colleague the wrong impression of you. When writing your headlines and contributing to group discussions, imagine yourself in a work environment and keep the tone friendly yet professional.


  1. Avoid Speaking in Paragraphs

Long-winded paragraphs can be visually off-putting, so make your text concise. Use shorter sentences and bullet points to increase flow and readership.


  1. Build Up Endorsements

On LinkedIn, colleagues from various networks can endorse you for your skills and abilities. This can include your specialities but also key strengths such as public speaking, event planning, strategic planning, research, etc.


  1. Return Endorsements

If someone gives you an endorsement, send a thank you message and then return the favour. This is not only a professional courtesy but also a way to help strengthen your connections. Plus, it may encourage your colleague to give extra endorsements in the future.


  1. Join Groups

Part of social media management and engagement includes having strong communication skills. Joining groups can help you network with like-minded professionals, giving you an advantage in your career. Use groups to exchange knowledge, ask questions and take part in discussions. Tip within a tip: a great way to boost credibility and build up your personal or business brand is to answer questions.


  1. Be Genuine

The way you word your job skills and credentials helps establish your voice. LinkedIn is a powerful personal branding tool that you should use to your advantage. It combines a virtual resume with the ability to network and make connections, so keep your page genuine. For businesses, establishing an online voice can help show consumers your human side, so that they are doing business with another person and not a faceless company.


  1. Send Personalised Messages

The automated invitation message from LinkedIn is short and simple, but also generic. Start connecting with others in your initial online communications, which includes the invitation and any follow-up messages.


  1. Update Your Resume for More Job Suggestions

LinkedIn will email users alerting them to new job postings in their field. Keeping your resume updated could help find a job you may not have otherwise heard about.


  1. List Certifications

Your profile has room for certifications, which can include any additional specialised training and education. For individuals, this may give you an advantage when an employer is comparing you to another candidate. For businesses, listing your certifications will show existing and potential clients your experience and qualifications in the field.


  1. Choose Words Wisely

As you build your profile, try to avoid buzzwords, generic phrases and clichés. Keep your writing targeted and concise, whether you are hoping to attract employers, industry partners or new clients. Avoid a stale page by keeping text fresh and relevant, free of overused words and phrases that could be a turn-off for other professional users.


  1. Use Keywords

While writing new content, help others find your personal profile or company page by using strong SEO. Seek help from a social media management specialist for help finding the best keywords for your industry. With the help of a few well-chosen words, the chances are that your page views will increase dramatically.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out

Having a LinkedIn profile will not do much unless you work to build your network. Reach out to your current colleagues as well as industry partners and leaders. Send invitations to your existing contacts and include a shortcut to your profile or company page in every email to help reach others.


  1. Share Strong Content

Posting high-quality information helps boost credibility and establish you or your company as a leader in the field. You can share a combination of curated, original content and articles or infographics from trusted, professional sites.


  1. Add Visual Content

Companies who share posts with photos experience higher levels of engagement including more comments. You can also upload presentations or share video content. Visual information is highly engaging and easy to share.


  1. Update Often

Before your next big presentation or conference, look over your page and make improvements where necessary. Others will be viewing your profile to see your network and credentials, assessing your skills and credibility along the way. Keeping your profile updated also lets others know that you are invested in your career.


These tips should give you a good head start on finding success with your LinkedIn profile. For help developing digital advertising strategies and understanding social media marketing, contact Espresso Digital Marketing. Call 0401 535 584 from within Australia or +61 401 535 584 from anywhere else or contact us online today for more information or a free consultation.


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