6 Reasons You Should Invest in a Website

Online marketing is powerful, but you need to have a strong web presence to be successful. In fact, building a website with the help of a digital marketing agency is one of the best things you can do for your business. Not convinced yet? Here are six reasons your practice should invest in a website:


  1. Extend Your Reach

We know word-of-mouth referrals are the bread and butter of private practices, but your business needs a strong online presence to attract extra clients. Having a website is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses who may not receive much walk-in traffic.

People can research your practice whether they are at home searching from their computer or while out and about on their mobile device. Websites are a relatively inexpensive investment that can pay huge dividends in terms of new clientele.


  1. Level the Playing Field

Do your top competitors have websites? If so, you could be missing out on countless consumers who run a quick Google search and choose a practitioner based on a handful of results. After driving past your office, chances are that people will first run an online search for your business before they call for more information. Not having a website could mean that you lose your lead to a competitor, especially if they have a professional, high-quality site.

Use your website as a way to promote yourself, showing off your staff and equipment as well as your education and specialisation. You can also talk about patient care and treatment options, answer frequently asked questions and have a blog to provide useful information to subscribers.

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  1. Establish Your Brand and Boost Credibility

A well-designed website can help make a potential client feel confident about your practice. You’ll be increasing your brand awareness while demonstrating your office’s scope and professionalism. Plus, websites that invest in online marketing tactics such as blogs can be very compelling and improve credibility.

In today’s world, not having a website could actually hurt your reputation. Use your site to establish your practice as an industry leader in your niche market.


  1. Make it Easy to Archive and Reference Information

Printed bulletins, newsletters, Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagram photos are all great ways to connect with consumers. Although these platforms are excellent for sharing information, they are not typically archived in an easy to search format.

This can make it difficult for people to find information they want to read again, whether it’s about your office hours, upcoming events or new treatment options. Websites allow you to post, archive and organise all types of content that clients can easily find using a website search feature.

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  1. Share Need-to-Know Information with Existing Clients

Besides posting web content to attract new clients, you can also use your website to enhance your current clients’ experience. You could put in place online booking or host a referral drive, with discounts or prizes for referring a new patient.

Also consider letting clients make online accounts to keep track of their own appointments and see doctor notes or recommendations from their previous visits. Establishing a connection with your current clients outside of the office can help ensure they keep coming back and follow your advice.


  1. Gain Insight and Share Feedback

Everyone knows about Facebook likes, shares and comments, but you may not have realised that your company website can also be an interactive platform.

A few ideas for increasing engagement across your site include:

  • Having a simple, online contact form so consumers can reach out 24/7
  • Hosting a short survey or questionnaire, which can automatically organise collected data
  • Ask for, answer, and post a list of frequently asked questions
  • Post a poll question to see if consumers have ever heard of a particular product or service. If the majority have not but it is a service you offer, write a blog post on the topic and increase awareness in this area.

Survey Results

People are used to using the Internet to get information, but the ideas above prove how your site can be used for gathering information as well. Asking a poll question or for feedback after an appointment gives you the opportunity to learn from your clients every day.

You can also ask consumers what topics they would like to learn more about or see on your website. Post new content based on their feedback. Applying a few of these tips can make your site a powerful online marketing tool.

Keep in mind that a poorly designed website could turn off potential clients rather than attract them. Espresso Digital Marketing can help you build or redesign your company’s website to incorporate everything from an eye-catching, intelligent design to strong, lead-gathering search engine optimisation.

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