6 Things You Should Know About Facebook Ads

Whether your business is a local practice or a global industry, chances are that many of your consumers use Facebook. The site has a staggering reach, with over one billion active daily users. There are many benefits to using Facebook Ads for social media marketing that takes advantage of its massive network. Here are six things to know about Facebook Ads for your pay-per-click and marketing strategies:


1) Allows You to Focus on Your Target Audience

The best part about advertising on Facebook is the ability to reach a very specific target audience. Although it may be tempting to advertise to tens of thousands of site users, how many of those consumers will be interested? Instead, focus your efforts on a smaller audience using the site’s built-in demographic tools.

Facebook allows businesses to advertise their products and services based on a many different factors, including age, gender, location and interests. The field of interests includes users’ liked pages, networks and groups. By identifying and appealing to the right demographic, you are much more likely to run a much more effective and cost-efficient campaign, increasing your Return on Investment (ROI).

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2) Can Use Multiple Identifiers to Reach Locals

Small businesses rely on local traffic. Facebook allows you to narrow down the size of your ad audience, but how can you make sure you are reaching enough potential new clients? When setting perimeters, do more than list the city. For example, many individuals do not list a city in their profiles, and some groups such as students may include their hometown instead of their current residence.

Some ideas to extend your reach while staying local are to include post codes, universities and popular local businesses. The people who list or “like” that information will also see your advertisement.


3) Can Run Campaigns for Existing Fans

As we all know, running a seasonal sale or special promotion is a great way to attract new clients. However, your practice should also consider running an ad campaign intended for existing clients. Develop an ad that will run only to your existing Facebook “fans” as a way to re-interest people who may be more prone to respond to an immediate offer.

Facebook also offers Custom Audiences, which take your existing list of clients with their email addresses or phone numbers and extrapolates that to create a larger list of people with similar characteristics to your actual clients.


4) Lets Companies Run Multiple Ads

Advertising is powerful, or is it? What is it about a Facebook ad that would capture an eye, pique interest, and encourage a click-through? Even the smallest change in words or graphics can affect the advertisement’s success. If you have tried Facebook Ads before with limited success, consider trying again while running more than one ad at once. This process is simple thanks to Facebook’s “Create a Similar Ad” option, which duplicates the existing ad and allows to edit text and swap images.

After deciding to create multiple ads, you have a couple of options. Your team can either create drastically different blocks to appeal to viewers in different ways, or you can create three to four very similar ads to test for a few days. Using analytics tools, you can track results and see which version gets the best response. Then, market with that version only or tweak it to combine the best qualities of the other types.

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5) Data Analytics Tell You Which Ad is Working

Successful social media management always includes analytics. Whether you are testing and comparing different ad designs or want to track the success of your latest campaign, analytics makes it possible.

Things to keep an eye on include increases in:

  • Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • Amount Spent
  • Cost per Lead (CPL)
  • Active Users
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Impressions

Information gathering and statistical analysis allow you to see results and determine the best course of action for making improvements.


6) Many Ads Have a Short Shelf Life

No matter how long your current ad spent in development and testing, you may need to request a redesign sooner than you might think. Social media marketing means creating content that will stand out. Unfortunately, users seeing the exact same ads over and over are more apt to tune out than to click through. To help reduce ad fatigue, mix up your advertisements or tweak the designs if you notice interest waning after a few days or weeks.


Need More Information?

Facebook Ads are a powerful and cost-effective tool, but there are many things you should know before launching a multi-ad campaign. Keep watching the blog for more upcoming posts about this topic, including how the platform compares with Google AdWords.

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