How to Create Your Google+ For Business Page In A Flash

Last week we talked about the importance of having a Google+ for Business page. We told you that having your business page on Google+ is one of the keys to be found on Google Searches as they prioritise those businesses that are “socially active” and by that they mean socially active especially in Google’s own social network! This week we’ll go through the steps to create one of these pages.

Creating your business page is not hard although Google don’t make it straightforward unfortunately. My plan here is to make it easier for you, having now worked out the pitfalls. So don’t worry, here’s 9 quick and easy steps to get you up and running with your Google+ for Business page in no time at all.

  1. Pick a Gmail account that most people in your business who will be involved with Google+ have access to. This makes posting updates to the business page much easier. Alternatively, you can nominate Managers later in Settings. If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, go to and create one by clicking on the “Create an Account” link. It’s really quick. I would recommend you create an account for your business even if you have a personal one, as it will look better for your customers.
    Google Plus Login
  2. Log on to your Gmail account (if you’re not already), type in your browser address bar and you’ll find your new Google+ personal page. On the top left corner you’ll see the Home button. Don’t click on it! Google will send you back Home… which is where you already are (no worries if you did though). Instead just hover over it and click on “Pages” on the unfolding menu.
    Google Plus Pages Menu
  3. When you get there, you’ll see a blue button that says “Get Your Page” and also a video on what the business page is useful for, which I recommend you watch. Click on the blue button to start creating your page.
    Google Plus Get Your Page
  4. Choose your business type from the three available options: “Storefront”, “Service Area” & “Brand”. For this example I’ll choose “Storefront”.
    Google Plus Business Type
  5. Do a search for your business and select it if it’s found, otherwise select “This Doesn’t Match – Add your business”. Here Google wants to link your business to your business’s address, as it will later appear on Google Maps. If you found your business, select it and skip the next step.
    Google Plus Find Your Business
  6. Enter your business details in the form that comes up, check the box at the bottom if applicable and click Continue. Confirm you’re authorised to manage the business on Google on the next box, then click Continue again.
    Google Plus Add Your Business
  7. You’ll get a box asking if you want your verification code mailed to you. Select the “Mail me my code” option to get a postcard in the mail with the verification code that helps confirms to Google you are who you say you are. You’ll enter this code later. Google will remind you and the postcard will have the instructions. Your business will appear as unverified until then.
    Google Plus Verify Your Business
  8. You’re in! Click on the “Get Started” blue button to follow the tour Google prepared for you where they’ll explain how to do the rest.
  9. You’ll then want to follow Google’s tips to customise your new page with your website address, photos, add content, share links to useful information for your market and post updates regularly. Oh, and don’t forget to respond to your fans once they start interacting with you on your business page. Once there’s some content on your page, start promoting it. For example, once your page is verified, ask clients to leave reviews on it, that’ll also help your Google rankings.
    Google Plus Customise

Last tips:

  • To toggle between your Google+ personal page and your Google+ business page, click on the circle in the top right and choose your option.
    Google Plus Navigation
  • To navigate within your business page, hover (don’t click) over the “My Business” rectangular button on the top left and choose your option. This button shrinks to just the picture when you scroll down but it will stay on the top left.
    Google Plus Navigation 2

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