Five Simple Language Tips To Seduce Clients

Remember the 6 strategies that successful businesses use to have a strong online presence and attract customers?

  1. Nurture your website visitors with valuable information that will increase their trust to buy from you
  2. Capture your website visitors’ details so you can continue this education process and keep them engaged
  3. Tell your visitors of those plain-English benefits that will make them want to engage with you and your services
  4. Include trust-building testimonials from past and current clients
  5. Make your website mobile friendly so as not to scare away all those visitors who mainly browse on their mobiles.
  6. Nudge visitors into becoming clients using a call to action

In this post we’ll tell you about Strategy Number 3. You will find out how to seduce visitors and entice them to take the next step in the selling process, whether it is buying from you, setting up a free initial consultation or subscribing to your newsletter.

You’ll get more customers, faster, if you communicate the benefits of using your product rather than the features it has. Here are five rules for doing so.

  1. Decide who your ideal reader is and make them your friend.

engagedYour readers have to feel as if you are writing to them. Visualise the questions they might ask, the customer benefits they are looking for and the objections they may have, then be prepared to answer all this on your website. You need to understand what makes this person tick and how you can persuade them to engage them with you.

If your ideal readers are small businesses, this is a good example of what will make them tick:

Product: Abacus Small Business Accounting Software

“Run your entire business better and faster with an online accounting software that won’t cost you the earth”

  1. Talk Benefits and Solutions to Problems, not Features

Even though you may be very proud of the features of your product or the innovations you offer, your ideal reader has zero interest in any of this. Why? Because they are mainly interested in themselves and their problems! So before you write anything on your website:

  • Think of all the features and characteristics of your product
  • Translate them into benefits for your ideal reader
  • Tell them the problems it will solve for them
  • Address any possible objections to buying from you

This is how Apple can convince you to buy an iPhone 5s even though you already have an iPhone 5!

iPhone 5 - You're more powerful than you think

  1. Use plain English, not industry jargon.

confusedDo not assume that the reader is tech savvy; talk to them in a language they can relate to. Make sure your reader understands your message and knows what the next step is.

Wrong: Our TV features 4K X-Reality™ Pro Up-scaling , Full Array Local Dimming with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO and TRILUMINOS™ Display

Right: Watch flawless 4K HD images, with breathtaking colours and unprecedented contrast.

  1. Speak to your readers, not about them.

boredMany websites use words such as ‘our customers’ or ‘Company X’ to refer to their readers and themselves. This creates distance with your readers. If, instead, you use words like ‘you’ and ‘we’ you will engage visitors in a two-way conversation.

You want to talk directly to your ideal reader to entice them to learn more about you. Remember that web visitors are in a hurry; you only have a few seconds before they decide whether you are a good fit for what they are looking for. Your headline should be clear, credible and speak directly to your ideal reader.

Wrong: Customers of Abacus Accounting Software experience increased productivity and satisfaction.

Right: With our accounting software you will be able to manage your business better and faster. We will do the everyday ordinary stuff for you so you can focus on the extraordinary.

  1. Emphasise what is unique to you or your business

excitedIf your benefits are too generic, they may still convince your reader to buy, but not necessarily from you! Make your benefits concrete and specific; convey to readers again and again your belief and passion in your product and how it will benefit them.

Wrong: Businesses that use Abacus Online Accounting Software are more productive and efficient.

Right: Our customers report an average 30% decrease in costs, which is almost twice the industry average.

In summary:

If you want to engage your readers, figure out who your ideal reader is and what they want. Then tell them directly and in plain English how engaging with you will benefit them and solve their problems. Talking your ideal reader’s language is good for your readers and also good for search engine optimisation, as readers will go to your website to find answers to their questions.

online consumers use Search Engines when making a purchase decision

If you tell people how passionate you are about what you do and what they will get out of that passion, they will want to continue the conversation with you. Your website will be more engaging. You will win lots of loyal followers. And lots more customers!

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Next week: how testimonials help you build trust with your prospective customers.