How to Start Marketing Your Business

As a start-up, private practice or another small business, how can you connect with customers? You need an easy way to let potential clients know that your company exists and that it is the one they should choose out of the options on the market. Unfortunately, many business owners feel behind the times when it comes to social media or are not sure how to market their business. This post provides several tips for digital marketing, which you can put in place to help grow your business.


Build a Better Website

A company’s website can greatly affect the way consumers perceive the brand. Professional web marketing services are the best way to turn your site around, but there are a few basic principles that everyone, from the amateur to the expert, should consider:

  • Clean, professional design that reflects the brand
  • User-friendly formatting to help visitors find the information they need
  • Simple colour palette that does not detract from the message
  • Images or video content to increase visual appeal
  • Easy-to-find contact information to encourage leads becoming clients (conversions)

Without a website, your company could be easily overlooked. Read more about this here, here and here.

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Start a Blog and Stay Consistent

You may equate the word “blog” with something casual, such as the musings of a home chef or book reviewer. In reality, business blogs have a great deal of value and are often highly respected by consumers. A blog can be used not only to attract new readers through Google inquiries, but also to build a returning client base looking for trustworthy information.

The blog can be a mix of topics including behind-the-scenes information, responses to recent industry news, information about procedures or products or answers to frequently asked questions. Rather than using the blog as a promotional platform, focus on publishing quality content that the target consumers want and need.

Do not be discouraged if your website does not see an immediate jump in page views. Too many companies begin a blog but soon drop it, assuming their poor readership will not improve. It always takes time to build a following, so keep posting content that will encourage readers to come back for more. Ideally, readers should see your brand as a reliable, trustworthy source for information.

Plus, thanks to keyword optimisation and the way Google’s algorithms favour strong content, each blog post will be working behind the scenes to improve the website’s search engine rankings for a long time. Besides, each post is archived on the website and could be the landing page for a consumer’s search engine query in the future. In the meantime, consider adding photos or videos as part of the blogs This improves consumer engagement and time spent on the page, increasing the chances of attracting and converting leads even more.

Read more about this here, here and here.


Digital Marketing: Be Smart with Social Media

A LinkedIn profile is a must-have for healthcare and other business professionals. It allows you to connect and share your ideas with other industry experts while building your credibility and trustworthiness through the groups and forums. For companies interested in connecting directly with consumers, Facebook remains among the top choices.

Companies can easily share content, host polls, respond to user comments and buy sponsored ads that appear directly in newsfeeds. Twitter is often used in conjunction with Facebook to share pertinent information such as hours, specials and relevant news articles.

Depending on your targeted client base, you may want to consider adding another network to the mix. Vine allows users to upload six-second videos, while Instagram allows photos and videos of up to fifteen seconds.

Alternatively, consider “pinning” your blog posts or online products to Pinterest, a user-friendly site that lets users collect and reference interesting content. Although these sites may sound tempting, avoid joining too many. Choose which platforms attract your target demographic and focus on building a strong presence there.

Read more on this topic here, here and here.


Develop a Clear Marketing Strategy

No matter how great your business is, you will have a hard time reaching new clients without direction and intention. Besides identifying the target audience, as mentioned above, you need to invest time in branding your company and building its reputation. These goals will be reached more efficiently and effectively if you:

  • Regularly update the website
  • Stay active on social media
  • Post strong content in the form of blogs and/or videos.
  • Use professional web marketing services

Not having a clear strategy often means wasting valuable time and resources.

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Make Google an Ally, Not an Enemy

As the search engine king, Google can either reward or penalise companies for content posted via websites, social media profiles and videos. Avoid trying to “trick” Google by over-stuffing content with keywords or using low-value link building to quickly boost rankings. In the end, your site will suffer. Instead, focus on publishing high-quality content that consumers will engage with by staying on the page longer or sharing it with friends. Google’s algorithms will use these facts to rank the site, which can help improve standings and increase potential leads while retaining your existing client base.

Web marketing services address all these points and more. For professional help with everything from website design to getting the best out of Google’s algorithms, contact Espresso Digital Marketing. Let us help you build your brand and attract the consumers you want. For more information, call 0401 535 584 within Australia or +61 401 535 584 from anywhere else or contact us online today.

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