Why Businesses Need Mobile Friendly Websites

Most business owners know that having a mobile friendly website can improve search engine rankings, thanks to the rollout of the latest Google algorithms. However, there are many other ways that small practices and large corporations benefit from having a mobile friendly site.

Successful web marketing means meeting consumers where they are, whether that is on a desktop computer or a portable tablet. Unresponsive designs and overly cluttered sites can be a turn-off, driving consumers directly into the arms of your competitors. Understanding why having a mobile-friendly website is so important and implementing a few changes will help prevent missed opportunities in the future.


Appeal To Users On The Go With Web Marketing

Thanks to better smartphone features, readily available WiFi and the power of a Google search, millions of people access information on their phones many times a day. Whether in a coffee shop, on a bus or at home, users keep their phones handy for entertainment, finding information and online shopping. Unfortunately, if your practice’s site is not mobile-friendly, you will likely experience high bounce rates (people leaving straight after arriving at your website).

People may find your website thanks to great content and expert search engine optimisation, but take a moment to consider the size of an iPhone or Android phone screen. Modern large screen smartphones are a source of amazement for anyone alive in the ‘80s, but today’s users don’t want to have to scroll, pinch and zoom their way through a website.

For specialist practices that operate in a niche market, the competition can be fierce. As mentioned above though, many mobile users will not try to navigate a full site on their phone long enough to find out more information about your particular practice. They’re likely to jump to a competitor’s site instead.

To combat this, start by designing a website with strong visual appeal and a responsive design. It will detect and automatically resize the site for optimal viewing and browsing. Use simple, straightforward navigation so that information about your practice and services is easy to find on the go. Finally, post clear and prominent contact information, including office hours, phone number, street address, a map and an online contact form.

Mobile Traffic

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Improve E-Commerce

Smartphone and tablet users account for just over half of all online purchases. Compared to purchases made using laptop and computers, mobile purchases are more likely to be spontaneous and discovery-based decisions. In addition, mobile purchases are often made during the weekend, whereas computer-based purchases often spike during the week and drop off by the weekend. Business with mobile-friendly sites can cater to consumers no matter the time of day or week, meaning no missed opportunities.

Major retailers including Amazon, Target and Woolworths boast individual e-commerce mobile applications, but local entrepreneurs can benefit from the mobile shopping trend simply by updating their website.

Even small practices that do not sell products online should consider their site from an e-commerce perspective. There are many more ways to engage users and improve lead generation.

Encourage users to:

  • Sign up for an email newsletter
  • Submit questions via a simple contact form
  • Book an appointment online
  • Make a patient account and view personal records
  • Connect with the company through social media channels
  • Answer a poll question
  • Visit your location in person or call for more information

Providing chances for interaction and engagement will increase page views and the amount of time spent on each page. Another way to improve content and value to the site is by including pictures, informative blogs and information about services. Providing consumers with the information they need can dramatically increase the chance that those casual searchers will turn into new clients in the future.

If users have a positive experience on your website, they will subconsciously incorporate that experience into their impression of your brand. Designing with strong visual elements that translate to mobile is the first step. Next, sharing relevant content will boost search engine rankings and appeal to web searchers. Finally, using a streamlined and responsive site design will help consumers find what they are looking for. These practices, in turn, will help turn casual searchers into promising new clients.


Need Help Optimising Your Existing Site?

To see the best results from web marketing, your site must be mobile friendly, with an attractive and user friendly design. Contact Espresso Digital Marketing for help with a website overhaul to ensure people can find information quickly no matter their device of choice.

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