Why Does a Business Need a Blog?

If it seems like every website has a blog, you might be right. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs have not realised it yet, but blogs are essential for giving your company a voice, providing expert information and driving website traffic. Read on for help understanding the power of blogs thanks to Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Establishes You As An Industry Leader

For example, many individuals will research a topic, such as braces, back pain or alternative medicine before running a search to find a local dentist, therapist or another practitioner. The more top-quality, informative material your practice posts, the more individuals will find, visit, bookmark and share your site.

Since blogs are hosted on a website, every reader is a potential new lead. As consumers begin to trust your blog and content, they will be more likely to contact you for a consultation rather than searching for a different practitioner.

Let’s look at this in another way. Besides building consumer trust and converting leads, blogs can help give your practice credibility. Consumers who research topics ahead of time are also likely to study various practices online before contacting one.

A skimpy site with poor graphics and little information may not compel visitors to call. People are more likely to take your site seriously if it is professionally designed and full of useful information. The blog can also help establish your practice as an industry leader, boosting your credibility and image even further.


Content Marketing Attracts Consumers

As a small business, you may be wondering what you can offer when it comes to a blog. Perhaps you feel most of the topics have already been covered, or you are not sure exactly what website visitors want to read about.

Actually, understanding what visitors want is the key to content marketing. Small and medium-sized practices have the potential to attract more clients by offering individualised attention and care. Blogs can help your small business stand out if you include what makes your practice great.

Let potential clients see what you have to offer while sharing information they want and might not receive otherwise. Content ideas include:

  • Demonstrating how your practice is family-friendly
  • Introducing the staff
  • Sharing behind-the-scenes looks at standard procedures
  • Answering frequently asked questions in a series of blog posts
  • Covering preventive measures with action points
  • Highlighting new equipment or procedures
  • Comparing treatment options
  • Weighing in on medical news or technological advancements
  • Tell a story related to your practice

Having a blog gives your company a voice. Set the tone and level of professionalism your clients expect in person and filter it through your blog and social media accounts. When consumers see the person behind this it helps them feel they can still trust you for critical information and patient care.

Keep in mind that your blog will keep working for you even when you are not on the clock. Consumers search the web at every hour, and your blog could be there to answer their questions.


Old Posts Are Still Relevant

When it comes to sharing information on social media, those posts will eventually disappear into the endless scrolling feed of content. Blogs though can be sorted and archived on-site, allowing users to browse by date, category or tag (topics). Internet searchers can also find old blogs if they enter certain keywords.

You do not need to repost an old blog, as it is already indexed and searchable. You can, however, update older posts to ensure they stay relevant and continue to bring in web traffic. The keywords you choose for each blog post are what will help drive traffic and convert leads.


Strong SEO Helps Users Find Your Page

How many times have you looked up a particular product, browsed the search results, and closed the page without calling or buying? The chances are that you will need to repeat the search again and will likely use the same keywords.

Now, imagine that a consumer is looking for, say, a dentist. Since every dentist’s website will carry certain keywords your blog-less site is on equal footing and may be buried. Having a blog gives you the chance to use those searches to your advantage.

Every post about specific equipment, services or treatments will increase the amount of strong keyword phrases that consumers may use to find your site. Also, most search engines work by ranking websites based on the quality of keywords used. Understanding and using strong SEO is the key to improving your existing search engine rankings, but having a blog may help you see results sooner.

Whether you are ready to start your first blog, need help making improvements or are still not quite convinced, contact Espresso Digital Marketing today online or by calling 0401 535 584 within Australia or +61 (0) 401 535 584 from anywhere in the world. We can help you revitalise your website and improve your digital marketing strategies so that you see the results you want. Call for a free consultation today and see how a blog can make a difference.


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