Why Healthcare Professionals Should Join LinkedIn

If your practice is looking to connect with clients on a personal level, social media marketing includes setting up an online presence using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For individuals wanting to self-promote, get connections and develop their career path, LinkedIn is an essential part of that growth.

No matter your profession within the healthcare industry, LinkedIn offers countless benefits to those willing to network and connect. Keep reading to see why healthcare professionals should sign up.


Professional, User-Friendly Platform

Social media management includes using online platforms to promote both your business and yourself. LinkedIn is a well-established professional networking site that connects you with industry professionals you might not meet otherwise. You can upload your resume and CV for potential employers, search job listings, join groups for industry news updates, and stay connected with former colleagues and current business associates.

The site is user-friendly and can help bring an order to your professional networking life without wasting your time. LinkedIn is free to join but does have a few paid membership options that provide extra services.


Take Part In Forums And Network With Other Industry Professionals

LinkedIn has a lot of groups or forums that users can join to share and discuss topics, ideas, articles, and more. The platform is a bit like Facebook in that it allows users to connect with others, except that LinkedIn is entirely professional. The site’s forums are full of health professionals including doctors, nurses, physios, organisations, health consumers, policy makers, etc.

Some groups post topics for discussion, while others exist primarily to answer the questions of other users. You can also use the site as a forum to promote your own healthcare innovations and ideas. Be selective about the groups you join to create a personalised, specialised experience for your interests.

In fact, if you have more specialisations, training or career goals, consider forming or joining an industry-specific, special interest group. If you work within a small field, LinkedIn can help connect you with professionals who work in similar roles as well as your industry’s national body or group. Chances are you will begin to pick up useful advice and tips from your new connections.

If you choose to publish content, make sure it’s relevant and engaging. Answering questions and providing useful information can help establish your credibility in the field.


Stay Up-To-Date On Emerging Topics And Technologies

Busy working professionals need to invest their time in platforms that bring value. Thankfully, joining the right LinkedIn groups enables you to follow the latest trends and updates that belong directly to your industry.

Common topics that are posted and discussed include:

  • Healthcare-related news and current affairs
  • Government policies
  • Digital healthcare, including virtual therapy and mobile health
  • Wearable health technology
  • Mobile computing devices
  • Home healthcare product reviews
  • Health Insurance claim issues

LinkedIn will help you avoid missing out on the latest tech news and other educational opportunities simply due to a busy schedule.


Advance Your Career

Did you know that LinkedIn began as a job-seeking network? Both recruiters and job-hunters are still highly encouraged on the network, with many groups dedicated to job postings within each industry. Also, users build their profiles primarily using their resume or CV, with the option to add specialisations, personal endorsements, certifications, and more.

Keep your profile updated and in the meantime, use the site as a way to learn more about your potential employers. Identify a business’s hiring managers or take part in a forum with its employees to help gain a foot in the door.

Apart from accessing position postings, keeping your profile updated and staying active on the site can help you advance your career in other ways. Other types of things that users commonly post include:

  • Research articles
  • Calls for papers
  • Presentation notes or videos
  • Conference or convention highlights

Staying on top of health events, policy changes and industry-related events will help you stay informed and involved. Plus, you will be among the first to hear about job, educational, and career advancement opportunities. Even the owners of well-established practices can enjoy the site’s services, forums and networking opportunities. No matter your age or industry, use LinkedIn to connect with others, self-promote and self-educate.


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