Will I Get Results From Content Marketing?

It is simple, these days if you do not have an effective online marketing strategy you are going to struggle.

A lot


In the last 10 years brands have become their own media, generating content to attract their own audiences instead of paying other media to deliver their marketing messages. If you want to be noticed in this new marketing world you need to lift your online game. And soon.

Red Bull, American Express, IBM, Procter and Gamble, and Kraft are only a few examples of big brands effectively using excellent and entertaining content and marketing automation to effectively market their business and products.

What are they doing well?

They are engaging with their target market and providing quality useful information so people remain loyal to the brand and buy their products. Again and again.

Why all the hype about content marketing and marketing automation?

Because it works.

55pc more visitors

Think about it. If you were searching for a solution to a problem and found a website that gave you valuable and quality answers, wouldn’t you go back for more relevant content and gradually come to trust that brand or company? And then, eventually, wouldn’t you like to get some more specific information about the way in which this company can help you or your business?

So, what results can you expect from your content marketing and marketing automation efforts?

Let’s look at some stats

  1. 75% of companies using content marketing and marketing automation see Return on Investment (ROI) within 12 months, 44 % within 6 months (Focus Research)
  2. Emails sent via marketing automation drive 18 times more revenue than email blasts
  3. Companies that have excellent lead nurturing strategies generate 50% more quality leads at 33% lower cost
  4. 81% of marketers see increased website traffic and 61% see increased sales leads (Waggener Edstrom)

We know it works and everybody is talking about it. Why isn’t everybody using content focused strategies then?

One of the most common challenges that people cite is lack of staff and financial resources. The next big barrier is lack of content creation and strategy expertise and the fact that this area has become so complex and confusing that most small businesses do not have the time or the knowledge and skills to carry this through.

This is where you need to do your research and find a company that understands your marketing needs, can cut through the jargon and help you grow your business at a cost that is right for you while you focus on what you do best which is the reason you built your company in the first place.

SuccessYou need to understand that results will not happen overnight. You will have to be patient as identifying your audience and building great content to respond to their needs and wants takes time. Building social credibility and increasing traffic takes time.

Success with content strategies will take a while but once it takes off your consistent efforts to produce kick-ass material will produce traffic, leads and clients for a very, very long time.

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